Her immediate goal is to survive.
Her ultimate plan is to make the most of her incredible circumstances
while making the world around her a better place to live.

A Medieval Tale, the bestselling romantic fantasy series by Galina Goncharova, includes five books:

– First Lessons
– The Homework
– Royal Maneuvers
– On the Wrong Side of the Royal Palace
– The Price of Happiness

Lilian Earton isn’t the kind of girl to play the damsel in distress, and she certainly isn’t going to sit on her hands waiting for her proverbial knight in shining armor to arrive.
Medical school graduate Aliya, a sporty brunette, dies suddenly in a car crash…only to wake up in an unfriendly medieval world as the Rubenesque blonde, Lilian. Realizing she was given a second chance for a reason, Aliya—now Countess Lilian Elizabeth Mariella Earton—rolls up her sleeves and gets to work on making her new life and the lives of those around her at least halfway decent.
The latter involves taking care of the rundown Earton estate and its inhabitants, getting along with her recently-acquired, hard-nosed stepdaughter, and learning the basics of local life while trying to introduce bathing habits, practical arts and useful skills of her era.
Surviving a few assassination attempts and dealing with an errant husband, who has yet to appear on the scene, doesn’t make things any easier. So, Lilian takes steps to protect herself, her new friends, and her emerging business empire. She has to tread carefully as there is a fifty-fifty chance she might be praised for her innovations or condemned as a witch for the same.
She will succeed in befriending noblemen, peasants and artisans, untamable sea raiders, proud-spirited merchants of the Orient, even members of the Royal family… But will she manage to mend fences with her own husband?
Read on to find out whether there’s going to be a happy ever after for Aliya a.k.a. Lilian in either of her two worlds.