Andrey Vasilyev
More Than a Game

Step into a future, in which advanced technology creates a virtual world, with superior capabilities that allow players to experience real-world sensations. The popularity of the RPG game Fayroll is growing by the day, attracting millions of users to this alternate reality. What is the secret of Fayroll? What makes it so different from other games?


Our protagonist, Harriton Nikiforov is an everyman – a binge drinking, tabloid column reporter who has settled for the humdrum of the everyday, with a job that pays the wages, a neurotic girlfriend who gives him migraines and a boss that gives him constant grief.   Tasked with a new assignment, Harriton suddenly finds himself ripped away from his normal routine of Moscow society life, to a journalistic quest of sorts that leads him deep into the realm of the Virtual Gaming World of Fayroll. With explicit orders to write a series of fluff pieces on the game and its developers, he grudgingly accepts the assignment, but soon finds himself enthralled by the virtual fantasy world and its amazing quests, unpredictable challenges, and nearly endless possibilities. Harriton is reincarnated as a warrior named Hagen and becomes a full participant in the fantasy world, plunging into the exciting world full of action, quests, humor, legendary weapons and ancient secrets. He meets faithful and courageous comrades and outwits those who are trying to hunt him.


Editorial Reviews

I believe Vasilyev to be the only author who’s achieved such a credible mix of real life and virtual reality. This alone is enough to put Fayroll in Top-5 of Russian LitRPG titles.
G. Akella, the author of “Realm of Arkon”

***** Excellent. Can’t wait for the next book! – Washington-Babylon

***** Great story and a fresh take on the LITRPG scenario. Definitely a five-star read!

***** Great russian litrpg Had a good translation and excellent story telling. If you are into litrpg this story should get that fix in. – Eeeerric

***** Lovely Enjoyable and fun overall. Would recommend!

***** More Please An excellent example of the Russian LitRPG genre. Fast paced, good humored, optimistic, funny and coherent. – C. Davis

***** Totally engaging story! Great characters, excellent writing and nicely unfolding storyline. I can thoroughly recommend this story to all LitRPG fans! Off to find then next book. – Kiwi Chris

***** pleasant i loved it was such a simle pleasant read that felt refreshing. i realy want a book 2. will the wedding happen in it? i want to know. – bookwatcher

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