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Lina J. Potter

A Medieval Tale Series

Lina J. Potter has been dreaming up stories for as long as she can remember. She started putting her tales on paper when she was around ten years old, and, according to her own words, continued happily scribbling ever since: “Call it inspiration, the voice of a Muse, or plain obsession… but I felt I had to write it down or else my brain would explode with all these characters longing to come alive”.

However, Lina did not feel ready to share her writing with the world until recently, when in 2011 she submitted an extract from her historical fantasy novel, I am Sophia, to an online magazine. Immediately after, Lina J. Potter was approached by e-talent scouts representing publishers and other literary companies. Since then, there was no looking back for Lina J. Potter, who quickly turned into one of the most published and widely talked- about (yet least public!) romantic fantasy authors in the country. Her impressive publications list speaks for itself, and we are thrilled to announce that her first few bestsellers are now available in English.

Nowadays Lina J. Potter lives in the town of Tambov with her husband, daughter and two cats. She has a lot of hobbies, from doing karate to lace- making, but she avoids personal publicity and shies away from the literary limelight, preferring her quiet life to focus on writing. She has a lighthearted approach to writing, but is happy to share with her readers a few simple truths she lives by:

“Never take what you’ve got for granted.

Enjoy every day of your life.

Keep smiling no matter what.”


‘A Medieval Tale’ Series:

First Lessons

The Homework

Royal Plots and Manoeuvres

On the Wrong Side of the Royal Palace

The Price of Happiness

‘I am Sophia’ Series:

I am Sophia. The Sister

I am Sophia. The Princess

I am Sophia. The Empress

‘Amaldea’ Series:

Necromancer. The Daily Pursuits

Necromancer. The Joys of Hard Work

A Wolf Named Hunny Bunny


‘The Cruiser’ Series:

The Cruiser Project

The Heart of the Cruiser

‘The Magic Uni’ Series:

To Study, to Fall in Love… to Take the Dutch Cure?

Summer Internship

The Roots of All Evil

On the Way Home

‘Demi-Demon’ Series:

Demi-Demon. The Revenge of the Princess

Demi-Demon. The King’s Fortune

‘Julia Leoverenskaya’ Series:

Might Makes Right in a Vampire Fight

You Shall Not Make for Yourself a Vampire

The Ring of Frenzy

The Cross and the Wing

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Welcome to a romantic fantasy with a difference!   Lilian isn’t the kind of girl to play the damsel in distress, and she certainly isn’t going to sit on her hands waiting for her proverbial knight in shining armor to arrive.   Medical school graduate Aliya, a sporty brunette, dies suddenly in a car crash… only to wake up in an unfriendly medieval world as the Rubenesque blonde, Lilian. Realizing that she was given a second chance for a reason, Aliya, now Countess Lilian Elizabeth M