About us

Welcome to LitWorld, an innovative digital publishing house in Moscow. Born in the minds of fantasy literature enthusiasts, LitWorld’s main focus is the new generation of fantasy literature.

Who doesn’t like reading a good novel and learning about the new peculiar worlds created by modern fantasy masterminds? We think it’s such a great source of entertainment and inspiration that it would be unfair if only the readers in Eastern Europe had the chance to enjoy these worlds. So, we decided to match our favorite authors with readers all over the globe!

Our mission at LitWorld is to find the gems of the modern fantasy literature and bring them to English-language readers. We believe that good literature should not exist in isolation, so we want to make the best Russian fantasy novels available in English in the easiest, most accessible way, while providing our readers with the highest quality translations.

Our vision is to create a new, comprehensive publishing ecosystem where the borders of literature and culture are easier to overcome. We are happy to be part of this cause by matching the most talented and creative local authors with the latest in technology and top professionals from all areas of publishing. In this way, we connect writers with their global audience.

However, let our books speak for themselves! Check out our selection, which offers series selections for all tastes—from epic or romantic fantasy to LitRPG. You decide which world to discover next!